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Mar 20, 2023

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Rising from a tremendous fall used to be a frightening move that only a few dare to muster. But as an extraordinary number of trailblazers and changemakers continue to emerge around the world, this fact has revolutionized the way people think about going through failures. For these exceptional individuals, defeats are a necessary part of growth. They teach people valuable lessons to live by one’s journey towards success. And being one of those who genuinely see the value in making mistakes and rising above, Shontina Kuykendoll sheds light on how failures became one of the most substantial assets in her path towards the summits of success.

Instead of wallowing in despair after losing her dream job to the COVID-19 pandemic, Shontina Kuykendoll used her experiences as a regional director of sales and turned them into building blocks of her multiple newfound ventures. And as a result of her passion and perseverance, this aspiring business magnate has successfully emerged victorious and distinguished herself from a sea of competitors of several industries.

However, her incomparable drive for success began when Shontina Kuykendoll was about 16 years old, working part-time as a student aide of the Internal Revenue Office. Since then, she tirelessly persevered in building a path of her own. Passionate as she was, her countless years of experience in the realms of tax and accounting led her to become a Revenue Officer of the Collection Department. On June 15, 2001, Shontina decided to create an accounting firm of her own called OLT & Associates, which was named after her mother.

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