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Mar 21, 2021

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To excel as an entrepreneur is not an opportunity available to many. It is difficult for most people to successfully run one company or business, while only a few entrepreneurs have succeeded in running multiple companies simultaneously. Shontina Kuykendoll is one of the few entrepreneurs who have done or are still doing this.

She began her career at 16 as a part-time Student Aide with the Internal Revenue Service. Following an exceptionally long career building a foundation of accounting and the federal tax law, she got promoted to a Revenue Officer in the Collection Department. But it wasn’t until June 15, 2001, that she started her own company, OLT & Associates, an Accounting Firm. The name OLT is an acronym formed from her mother’s initials, Opal LaVergne Thompson. The firm, OLT & Associates, was founded in downtown Chicago on Wabash Avenue. According to Shontina, she currently works and resides in Frisco, Texas, and driven by her desire to educate people about the federal, state, and county tax laws, she has serviced over 1,000 clients worldwide since her induction.

According to Shontina, her motivation to build and expand her brand across multiple industries and take her entrepreneurship opportunities seriously resulted from her getting laid off from her dream job as a Regional Director of Sales due to COVID-19. And then, she realized she could work for herself and at the same time live a prosperous, fun-filled life.

Thanks to her love for traveling and having visited over 30 countries, she founded Pro Ballers Travel in 2013. Where they book group travel for groups of 15 clients or more to all international destinations. Shontina and her sister, Danielle, created S&D Catering in 2015, and between then and the present day, they have catered to about 400 guests, including the NFL. S&D is best known for its Southern flavor with a French twist.

Shontina continued to pursue her education, and presently she holds a BA in accounting and an MBA in Business Management. Thanks to her background with the IRS, the Airline Industry, and the Hospitality industry, she has held Executive Level Positions. She is currently a Vice President of Sales for a New York-based Hospitality Company. She has over 25+ years of experience in the corporate industry, and she founded, a one-stop-shop for all her businesses, in August 2020.

On features and characteristics that she considers unique to herself and her services, Shontina said, “What makes me unique is my ability to empathize with and relate to people easily. Because I was able to identify and understand their challenges quickly, I established trust and built successful relationships.’ Her education, background, years of experience, and tenacity are qualities she considers to be the difference between herself and her competition.

By at least 2025, she hopes to see her company recognized on a national and international platform. And she’d want to have verified Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Shontina would want the readers of this article to realize that a company is willing to help them with their IRS concerns, Credit Repair, Catering, and much more.

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