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Apr 15, 2021

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Regardless of their nature and themes, today’s industries have established themselves as battlegrounds that leave many unprepared and unknowing dreamers feeling defeated and disheartened. With their goals unaccomplished, these battalions of aspirants are compelled to realize that entering the playing field is only half the battle. The real fight begins with the struggle to flourish and thrive therein. Taking heed of this harsh reality, Shontina Kuykendoll, founder of, stepped into the challenge of helping success-driven individuals conquer their personal and professional endeavors.

Given how adept she is in her field of expertise, rising industry leader Shontina Kuykendoll uses her extensive knowledge about business and the federal tax law to turn dreams into an ultimate reality. She believes that those who do not have the technical know-how and the proper mindset necessary to claim success in their respective ventures will not gain any competitive advantage. With this notion in mind, she launched, an avenue to equip people with the skills and resources that can catapult them to the summit of financial freedom.

Over the years, Shontina Kuykendoll has compiled an impressive portfolio of accomplishments. Her professional career includes being a revenue officer in the collection department of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the esteemed owner of an accounting firm, executive officer of a NY-based hospitality company, and the founder of a reputable digital platform.

Determined to bring her ambitions to fruition, Shontina Kuykendoll kicked off her career when she was only sixteen years old. At that time, she was a part-time student aide at the Internal Revenue Service. After building a foundation in the fields of accounting and federal tax law, she was promoted to being a revenue officer in the collection department. She would soon be standing at the helm of OLT & Associates, an accounting firm she named after her late mother.

Today, Shontina Kuykendoll is working and residing in Frisco, Texas. Immensely fueled to expand her horizons, she wants to educate people about the federal, state, and county tax laws. With over a thousand clients worldwide since her induction, she has been traveling abroad and has already visited more than thirty countries. Besides making her mark on the realms of accounting and tax, this versatile figure has also dipped her toes into the food industry. Back in 2015, she and her sister started S&D Catering, a catering business known for offering southern-flavored dishes with a french twist.

With her exposure to the IRS, airline industry, and hospitality, Shontina Kuykendoll decided to launch, a one-stop-shop for all her ventures. Through this platform, she is able to reach out to more clients in a more convenient and hassle-free manner.

As a result of its strict adherence to core values like transparency, reliability, accessibility, and trustworthiness, has established a reputation of integrity. According to Shontina Kuykendoll, her platform assures the public that they will have a worthwhile experience when they decide to build a working relationship with her. Moreover, this brilliant expert makes it easy for aspirants to pursue their business goals and address their tax concerns with intention, purpose, and focus. As a pillar of support, she reminds her clients that they do not have to do everything on their own.

In the years to come, Shontina Kuykendoll envisions giving her brainchild,, a national platform. With no plans of slowing down any time soon, this unstoppable ball of fire looks forward to other initiatives that would take clients’ ventures to greater heights. Through her diligent efforts and unmatched skill, she continues to make significant strides toward the forefront of the industry. Indeed, this indomitable icon is a force to be reckoned with.

To know more about Shontina Kuykendoll, you may visit her website.

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