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Mar 18, 2023

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Everybody wants financial freedom, but not everyone wants to work hard for it. Shontina Kuykendoll is one of many who had always dreamed of being independent and having the freedom to do as she pleases. Shontina knew that to achieve her goals, she would have to work hard for them. Today, she runs several companies and helps others achieve the financial freedom they are looking for.

Shontina Kuykendoll began her career at sixteen years old. She worked as a part-time Student Aide with the Internal Revenue Service, a government agency responsible for collecting taxes and enforcement of tax laws. After an exceptionally long career building a foundation of accounting and the federal law, Shontina was promoted to a Revenue Officer in the Collection Department.

In 2001, she started her own company. Shontina created an accounting firm called OLT & Associates, dedicating the company’s name to her mother, Opal LeVergne Thompson, by giving it her initials. OLT was created in downtown Chicago on Wabash Avenue. Today Shontina resides in Frisco, Texas, where she also works. Shontina wanted the opportunity to educate people about federal, state, and county tax laws. Since her induction, she was able to service over a thousand clients worldwide.

Like most people, Shontina loves to travel. It was always a childhood dream of hers to travel abroad. Thanks to her hard work, she was able to visit more than thirty countries. Shontina applied her love of travel to work in the summer of 2013, creating Pro Ballers Travel. Thecompany books group travels for groups of fifteen clients or more to all international destinations.

Two years later, Shontina and her sister worked together to create a catering company called S&D Catering. The company’s initials stand for Shontina & Danielle. Together they have catered up to 400 guests, including the NFL. S&D Catering is a famous stable as they offer a southern flavor with a french twist.

Shontina later continued her education, focusing on business and obtaining a BA in Accounting and an MBA in Business Management. She has an incredible background with the IRS, Airline Industry, and Hospitality, where she has held Executive Level Positions. Shontina is currently the Vice President of Sales for a hospitality company based in New York.

With a colorful background and more than twenty-five years of experience, Shontina created a website that acts as a one-stop-shop. She made a platform that could allow anyone to find all of her businesses in one location. Shontina took the initiative when the pandemic struck and waslaid off from her dream job as a Regional Director of Sales.

What makes Shontina unique is her ability to empathize and relate to people easily. Her empathic ability allows her to quickly identify and understand others’ challenges, which has been helpful as it will enable her to establish trust and build successful relationships. Shontina also has the education, background, years of experience, and tenacity that makes her stand out.

Shontina Kuykendoll has her sights on establishing her company as a national platform in a few short years.

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